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Trimming as Part of Fairfax Tree Maintenance

Trees are a significant contributor to the beauty of your Fairfax Virginia home or commercial property. While forest trees grow quite well without deliberate pruning, landscape trees require a higher level of care to maintain their aesthetics and safety. Tree trimming should be done regularly and usually involves cutting off certain branches to ensure the health of the tree as well as your family’s safety. In fact, tree trimming is the most common and probably the most important tree maintenance procedure that you can do in Fairfax for several reasons:


Removing branches that may cause damage to property or people if they fall is a primary reason for tree trimming. This is particularly so in areas Like Fairfax VA that experience bad weather; trimming could help minimize the effects of storm damage or the risk of falling limbs. Trees growing along driveways, pedestrian paths and surrounding buildings should be given special attention in tree maintenance, while those with low-hanging branches should be pruned to eliminate interference with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Another reason why you may require the services of a Fairfax tree pruning company is when the branches extend dangerously close to electric wires. When there is contact between a tree branch and electric wire, the electricity flows through the tree to the ground. This sometimes causes a fuse or circuit breaker to trip in order to interrupt the ground fault, causing the power to go off. Even if the contact between the tree and the wires is not sufficient to cause a power outage, some energy would still go through the tree which can cause fluctuating power supply. This would require specialized tree removal service.

Tree health

Proper tree care sometimes necessitates the removal of weak, dead or diseased branches. This prevents fungi that cause decay from spreading the infection to other areas of the tree. Live branches may also need to be removed occasionally to improve exposure to sunlight and enhance air circulation within the canopy.

Trimming also benefits the overall health of the tree by encouraging the tree to develop a stronger core structure that can withstand the elements. Tree pruning for structural enhancement is particularly important for young trees. It helps ensure new plants have structural integrity and suitable branch architecture. Proper pruning when the trees are young reduces the potential of costly problems as well as the need for structural support once your landscape matures.


Trimming can accentuate a tree’s physical appearance in addition to improving flower or fruit production. When done for appearance and restoration, tree pruning maximizes the beauty of formal planting and is a significant part of landscape maintenance. Fairfax arborists recommend aesthetic tree care for mature trees when their characteristic form has deteriorated. In addition, pruning could increase the value of your landscape and enhance its beauty by opening up wider views, while also maintaining privacy where desired.

Emergency tree trimming

Ideally, tree pruning or trimming in Fairfax VA should be done once every year during the dormant season. However, certain unforeseen events could necessitate immediate trimming, such as when a storm causes limbs to fall on electric lines or when the tree’s growth threatens your vehicle, home, or property. A tree may also require immediate trimming if its growth obstructs visibility for pedestrians or vehicles.

The importance of using professionals

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the no. 1 rule in tree trimming is personal safety. The best way for you to ensure safety for your family and your property is to hire a Fairfax tree company to provide professional tree maintenance that includes trimming. The fact that tree trimming in Fairfax often requires the use of a ladder and sometimes even puts the tree trimmer in close proximity to power lines creates danger. As such, the safest course is to always leave this type of work to a professional.

Another reason why a Fairfax tree trimming company would be of great benefit is that you enjoy tremendous convenience, particularly if you have a couple of trees that require maintenance. All the difficult work is taken out of your hands, and all you need to do is give instruction.

In addition, you’re assured that your trees will be in better condition. When done incorrectly, tree pruning and trimming could actually damage the tree. A professional tree trimmer will evaluate your Fairfax tree or trees before beginning any work in order to determine the best course of action that will the tree healthy while delivering the benefits you are looking for.

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