We normally hear people yell “Timber!” AFTER cutting a tree. It is a different story though in the Solomon Islands of the South Pacific ocean; stories tell that the people there actually shout AT THE tree to make it fall to the ground. “Felling by Yelling”, as they call. Famous author Robert Fulghum wrote in one of his book:

In the Solomon Islands in the south Pacific some villagers practice a unique form of logging. If a tree is too large to be felled with an ax, the natives cut it down by yelling at it. (Can’t lay my hands on the article, but I swear I read it.) Woodsmen with special powers creep up on a tree just at dawn and suddenly scream at it at the top of their lungs. They continue this for thirty days. The tree dies and falls over. The theory is that the hollering kills the spirit of the tree. According to the villagers, it always works.

Some would take this story seriously, but most would just shrug it off as a mere folklore. In reality, it is hard to believe that a tree would simply fall on the ground by just shouting at it. The real question here is not whether or not the story is real. What makes us wonder is, why do we need to put down trees in the first place?

According to an organization called The Tree Next Door:

Tree DamageEvery year, falling trees or branches cause tragic deaths and tens of millions of dollars in property damage. As a result, some homeowners have come to the unfortunate conclusion that they should get their big trees removed… Most homeowners value their trees. They have tried not to be intimidated by tree accidents or scared by unscrupulous tree companies trying to score a job. However, most people do want to protect themselves. The problem is, they often don’t know what to do for their trees or who or where to turn for help.

Furthermore, the article includes details on how homeowners with little or no knowledge of trees can examine the trees in their yard themselves in order to safeguard against the most common problems presented by urban trees.

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the University of Maryland released an article entitled How Do You Decide When To Remove a Tree, and an excerpt of it states:

Many tree pruning and removal jobs are too much and very unsafe for the average do it yourselfer. Hire a professional. A professional is a “Certified” Arborist, this is a person who is fully insured, licensed and certified by the State.

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