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Get To Know Lorton VA A Little Better

Lorton is found in the Fairfax County of Virginia and holds the status of a census designated place. It has an area of 5.4 square miles, of which 5.3 square miles is land, which is quite small. It is surrounded by Laurel Hill, Mason Neck, Newington and Woodbridge. History The name Lorton was derived from the Lorton Valley Post Office, which was opened by Joseph Plaskett. Before it was named Lorton, it was known for its commercial center called Colchester. There was a spiritual and historical center known as the Pohick Church, where George Washington served as a member of the Vestry. Population According to the 2010 census, the population of Lorton was 18,610. Data USA, which provides more recent statistics, shows that the population was 19,722 by the year 2015. The median age according to Data USA in 2015 was 35.3 years. Additionally, 85% of the population is made up of US citizens, which is an increase from the previous year’s 81.6%. Economics 11,005 out of the total population of 19,722 are employed and the poverty rate in Lorton is at 4.15%. The median household income in Lorton was $96,481 while the median property value as at 2015 was $383,900. Attractions Gunston Hall is one of the interesting places to visit and learn about George Mason. Not only will a visit here help you learn about its history, the experience will be exactly like it was in the olden days. The grounds can be used for weddings, and there is a visitor center and a river nearby, which add to the glamour of the site. The Mason Neck Park is another interesting place that is surrounded by three water bodies. Hikers have nine trails that vary in difficulty to choose from. It also has a picnic area and a playground, making it a family-friendly place to spend the day with loved ones. Art lovers can visit the Aim Gallery for an amazing treat from different artists that come together to create an educational experience for visitors. The Comfort Inn is a lovely place for accommodation, and will provide travelers with a cosy place to rest after a long day of visiting all the interesting places around Lorton. In fact, it is located just a few minutes away from the Fort Belvoir Army Base. It has lots of amenities, such as an exercise room, outdoor pool, and high speed internet among others. It is both group- and pet-friendly. Other interesting places in Fairfax County that you can visit include Merrifield, which you can read about here. If you are in Lorton and are looking for professional tree trimming services from a reputable company, call Genesis Tree Service of Fairfax on (703) 594-7889.

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What You Need To Know About Alexandria VA

Alexandria is located in Virginia. The first thing to note about Alexandria is that it is an independent city. It is also a census designated place, recognized by the US Census Bureau. It covers an area of 15.5 square miles, of which only 0.4 of it is water. It borders several areas including Rose Hill, Arlington, Lincolnia, Bailey’s Crossroads, Huntington and Belle Haven in Virginia, as well as Washington, DC. Population According to the 2010 census, the population of Alexandria was found to be 139,966, with a median age of 34 years. Later statistics provided by Data USA through the American Community Survey show that by the year 2015, the population had grown to 149,315 with a median age of 36 years. Economics Data USA showed that in 2015, there were 92,575 people that were employed in Alexandria, and the median household income was $89,134. The median property value was found to be $502,500 and the general poverty rate in the city stood at 8.34%. Reputation Alexandria is known as the highest income city in Virginia. It is also the 7th largest independent city in Virginia. There is another portion on the west and south of Fairfax County that is also called Alexandria. A distinction is sometimes made by calling the independent city, “City of Alexandria”. Alexandria is known for its high number of state employees due to its close proximity to Washington, DC. They constitute those who work in the federal civil service, the U.S military as well as other private companies that provide services to the federal government. Alexandria is also known for many prominent people including Robert E. Lee, who was a Civil War general. It was also home to two former presidents – Gerald R. Ford and Richard M. Nixon, who both lived in Parkfairfax. Landmarks Alexandria has many landmarks. One of them is the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. It was designed like the old Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt, and in the year 2015, it was recognized as a National Historic Landmark. Another landmark is Christ Church, whose construction began in 1765 and was completed in 1773. It has since gone through several renovations, but has retained some of the original features. They include one hymnal rack that was hand carved, hand-lettered plaques of the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles’ Creed and the Golden Rule. George Washington was a member of this church. The church was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1970. Other landmarks in Alexandria include Gadsby’s Tavern, the Little Theatre of Alexandria, and Alexandria City Hall. Other places of historical interest are the Alexandria Black History Resource Center, and the Fort Ward Park and Museum, among others. Click here to learn about Vienna in Virginia. If you are in Alexandria and are looking for tree trimming services, call Genesis Tree Service of Fairfax on (703) 495-7889.

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Reston Virginia – What You Need To Know

Reston, VA is located in Fairfax County and is designated as a census place. It covers an area of 15.7 square miles, with 0.3 of it covered by water. It borders the following places; Dranesville, Floris, Franklin Farm, Great Falls, Herndon, McNair and Wolf Trap, VA. Reston still thrives on the principles of “Live, Work, Play and Get Involved” which were established when it was founded. It is known internationally as a community built using the post World War II concepts of the use of land and the development of residential areas in the suburbs of America. Population The last census report indicates that Reston had a population of 60,112, with a median age of 38.8 years. The median household income in Reston, VA was $110,401 in the year 2015, and the median property value in the same year was $468,500. Its poverty rate was found to be 7.31%, which is lower than most towns in Fairfax County. History Initially, the land on which Reston lies belonged to Lord Fairfax in the 18th Century. C.A. Wiehle then bought it during the 1880s and developed it by putting up some buildings. His sons sold it to Smith Bowman, who set up a distillery on the site and used the rest of the land for farming. Later, in 1961, Robert E. Simon bought most of the land and transformed it into a planned residential community, making it the first residential area in Virginia. In 1967, the First Lady of the U.S. went to Reston for a walking tour of its beautiful pathways. Other famous people who’ve been there are Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. It is now considered an edge city. Places of Interest The popularity of Reston as a tour destination is attributed to the many attractions that decorate the area. The Water Mine is one of these attractions, ideal for swimmers. It features slides and flumes as well as sprays and a river. It is also near the Lake Fairfax Park, where nature-lovers can enjoy a boat or canoe ride on the 20-acre lake, and later pitch camp on the grounds. Reston Museum is another destination that displays archives and exhibits from the community and showcases students’ work. Visitors can take a walking tour and attend some of the public events, like the Annual Home Tour or the Founder’s Day that is held every year. The Walker Nature Center Sanctuary not only provides a hiking trail, but also offers both educational and recreational facilities and programs. Visitors and residents get to explore the vast hardwood forest and take in the naturally fresh air. Another place in Fairfax County that might interest you is Herndon. Read more about Herdon here. If you are in need of a tree trimming service in Reston or any other location in Fairfax County Virginia, call Genesis Tree Service today! We guarantee professional services every time.

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