Beautiful Bonsai

The art tree planting and caring is brought into miniature size when bonsai trees were introduced. Over 1000 years ago, this unique way of gardening was first introduced in China, then later was adapted in Japan.

Bonsai” is a Japanese pronunciation of the earlier Chinese term penzai, it is anĀ art form using miniature trees grown in containers.

Most people do not know this, but growing bonsai plants in your home could prove to be beneficial to your health. According to Methods of Healing:

Other than the fact that these trees are simply beautiful they also offer many other benefits beyond splendor. There is deep philosophy in the spiritual dimension of the art as the grower. With that being said, it is a relaxing hobby. The process brings a Zen state of mind. As you trim, prune, re pot, water, and so on, it takes your mind elsewhere and allows you to focus on these simple tasks. Since patience is also a requirement of the grower, this much needed virtue is certainly tested throughout the Bonsai growing process.

Now if you’re already a fan of these midget trees, then you’d definitely agree that they are indeedĀ  not just beautiful to look at but they can also bring a lot of good fortune for you (not just lucky fortune, but monetary fortune as well). Interested to know more?

Profitable Plant Digest shares How to Make Money with Small Trees:

Mature bonsai plants from her (Pauline’s) personal collection are sold at her studio and online for prices ranging from $180 to $1,200. Like Pauline, thousands of bonsai enthusiasts have learned how to make money growing these tiny trees.

Since these tiny trees don’t take up so much space, they are considered the perfect indoor ornaments. AllThingsBonsai shares that “The best rooms to keep indoor bonsai (are in the) kitchens and bathrooms.”

Having green plants indoor can really add a lot of aesthetic appeal to your home, it allows you to experience the comfort of staying indoor while enjoying the fresh garden-like scenario.

If you have never tried tending bonsai before and you feel the sudden interest to have one, perhaps reading the article Things to Consider Before Buying Your Fist Bonsai would help you a lot.

ProFlowers shares 5 simple tips to maintain the care for your bonsai trees, which consists of the following things to consider:

  1. Water and Humidity
  2. Soil
  3. Housing Your Bonsai
  4. Pruning
  5. Light

This video by GrahamWPotter shows us just how bonsai trees can be transformed from being “the ugliest” tree to being a “beautiful bonsai”: