Noteworthy Facts About Vienna You May Not Know

Vienna town, found in Virginia, is located in Fairfax County. It is recognized by the US Census Bureau as a census location. Vienna borders 5 other places in Virginia – Wolf Trap, Dunn Loring, Tysons Corner, Merrifield and Oakton. It covers an area of 4.4 square miles, which is all land, and has an elevation of 358 feet.


Vienna will be remembered for the Battle of Vienna of 17th June 1861, which occurred during the Civil War. It will also be remembered for the establishment of the First Baptist Church of Vienna in 1867, whose building became the first black public school.


In 2013, Vienna was ranked #3 on the top 100 best places to live in America. It has several public schools that have a good reputation and high rank. It also has several small businesses that have given the town a boost in growth. The town enjoys a high per capita income – an indication of the favorable standard of living that many of the residents enjoy.

According to, Vienna scores 83% on the livability scale. It is placed in 4th position in Virginia and 164th in the U.S. There are many amenities such as grocery shops, food and drink joints, shopping and fitness clubs in the area thanks to the many local businesses in the area. Another factor that makes the town attractive is its low crime rates.


In 2010, the census showed that the population was 15,687 and later statistics from Data USA show that the population had grown to 16,341 by 2015. The median age in 2010 was 40.7 years, which increased to 41 by 2015. The median age for the native residents was found to be lower than that of foreign residents, at 38.9 and 43.6 years respectively. It was also found that 91.6% of the residents were US citizens, with only 27.2% of the population speaking a language other than English.

Points of Interest

Vienna is an interesting place to visit since it is home to a number of great tourist attractions. One of them is the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, which is a great place for couples and groups. There are lot of entertainment opportunities for visitors and a lot of convenience, such as the permission to carry your own food and drinks.

Visit the Meadowlark Botanical Garden for an experience with nature. Here, there are 100 acres of plants and ponds that provide a beautiful place for relaxing walks in the fresh air. It is a beautiful place for a photo venue on special events like prom.

Other places to consider include the Freeman Store and Museum, and the Shangri-La Day Spa that promises a relaxing experience for all visitors.

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