Get To Know A Little More About Springfield VA

There are 19 states in America that have a place called Springfield. One of them, Illinois, actually has two places called Springfield. However, this article will focus on Springfield in Virginia. It is located in Fairfax County and is a census designated place. It is also part of Northern Virginia, which is known to be the most populated region in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

It borders North Springfield and West Springfield, as well as Annandale, Newington, Annandale, Lincolnia, and Kings Park, which are all in Virginia. Springfield covers an area spanning 7.9 square miles, which is all land, and has an elevation of 246 ft.


The 2010 census revealed that there were 30,484 people living in Springfield, and the population density was 3,869.5/square mile. Later statistics on the Data USA website show that the population in 2015 was 30,444 and the median age was 37.5 years. The median age of the native residents was found to be 30.7 years, while that of foreign residents was 42.9 years. There are a many Springfield residents that have served in the military.


Out of the total population of 30,444 people, 15,329 were employed. The median household income was found to be $88,825 and the median property value at $395,500. The poverty rate was found to be 6.88%.


According to, Springfield is ranked 60th in Virginia in terms of its ‘livability’. It scores 80% since it records high per capita income and high graduation rates. It also has many local amenities and a low crime rate.

Springfield is known for the Springfield Town Center, which is a mixed development facility that has offices, shopping malls and even residential spaces.


Springfield was established in 1847 and got its name from “Springfield Farm”, whose owner was Henry Daingerfield. A post office was then set up after 1851, and another was constructed in 1877 and named Moor. The second one was renamed Garfield in honor of the late President James A. Garfield, and was closed in 1907. The third post office was first called Corbett before it was permanently named Springfield in 1910. However, the post office location was changed to a new place.

Springfield did not develop until 1946, when Edward Carr divided it into portions for development purposes. It began to grown quickly after that.

Historical Sites

Springfield is home to the Sydenstricker School, constructed in 1928, and has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 2012.

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