Reston Virginia – What You Need To Know

Reston, VA is located in Fairfax County and is designated as a census place. It covers an area of 15.7 square miles, with 0.3 of it covered by water. It borders the following places; Dranesville, Floris, Franklin Farm, Great Falls, Herndon, McNair and Wolf Trap, VA.

Reston still thrives on the principles of “Live, Work, Play and Get Involved” which were established when it was founded. It is known internationally as a community built using the post World War II concepts of the use of land and the development of residential areas in the suburbs of America.


The last census report indicates that Reston had a population of 60,112, with a median age of 38.8 years. The median household income in Reston, VA was $110,401 in the year 2015, and the median property value in the same year was $468,500. Its poverty rate was found to be 7.31%, which is lower than most towns in Fairfax County.


Initially, the land on which Reston lies belonged to Lord Fairfax in the 18th Century. C.A. Wiehle then bought it during the 1880s and developed it by putting up some buildings. His sons sold it to Smith Bowman, who set up a distillery on the site and used the rest of the land for farming.
Later, in 1961, Robert E. Simon bought most of the land and transformed it into a planned residential community, making it the first residential area in Virginia. In 1967, the First Lady of the U.S. went to Reston for a walking tour of its beautiful pathways. Other famous people who’ve been there are Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. It is now considered an edge city.

Places of Interest

The popularity of Reston as a tour destination is attributed to the many attractions that decorate the area. The Water Mine is one of these attractions, ideal for swimmers. It features slides and flumes as well as sprays and a river. It is also near the Lake Fairfax Park, where nature-lovers can enjoy a boat or canoe ride on the 20-acre lake, and later pitch camp on the grounds.

Reston Museum is another destination that displays archives and exhibits from the community and showcases students’ work. Visitors can take a walking tour and attend some of the public events, like the Annual Home Tour or the Founder’s Day that is held every year.

The Walker Nature Center Sanctuary not only provides a hiking trail, but also offers both educational and recreational facilities and programs. Visitors and residents get to explore the vast hardwood forest and take in the naturally fresh air.

Another place in Fairfax County that might interest you is Herndon. Read more about Herdon here.

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