How Much Do You Know About Oakton, VA

The US Census Bureau recognizes Oakton as a census designated place. It is located in the northern side of Virginia in Fairfax County. It covers an area of 9.8 square miles, of which a small portion of 0.04 square miles is covered by water. The center of Oakton is 16 miles to the west of Washington, D.C. It borders several towns in Virginia including Wolf Trap, Fairfax, Vienna, Fair Oaks and Merrifield.


According to the 2010 census, Oakton had a population of 34,166 people, while more recent data from Data USA shows that the population had grown to 36,739 by the year 2015. The median age in 2015 was 37.5 years.  The median native age was 32.7 years, and the median foreign age was 40.4 years. 82.5% of the population is comprised of US citizens.


Out of the total population of 36,739, the Data USA shows that 19,938 of them are employed. The median household income was found to be $120,762 while the median property value was $586,500. The general poverty rate for Oakton stood at 6.64%.


Oakton is considered to be an exceptionally livable place, according to It scores a high of 80, which is better than the score of Virginia, which stands at 72, and the national average, which is 66. Oakton’s score is as a result of its low crime rates, high per capita income, a stable housing market and lots of local amenities.


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