What Makes Herndon Such A Charming Town?

Herndon is located in Fairfax County of Virginia. It covers an area of 4.2 square miles that is all land. There are no water masses in Herndon. It neighbors Dranesville, McNair, Oak Grove, Reston and Sterling, and its population of 24,384 people makes it the biggest among the three incorporated towns in the region. Among its diverse population are people who are originally from Bolivia, Togo and Eastern Africa. This is a beautiful town that boasts a rich history.


Herndon was originally allocated to a man called Thomas Culpeper by King Charles II of England. In the early 19th century, a mill was constructed along a stream, making it the first construction work done in Herndon. Thereafter, the railroad passed through the town and a depot was also constructed. Later on, a post office was set up in Herndon. Its name was derived from a story of a Commander called Herndon who showed great courage.

During the Civil War, the railroad was captured, and a raid on the Herndon Depot happened. Eventually, in 1890, Herndon was incorporated. Due to the use of cars and roads, the railroad became unnecessary, and the last train is reported to have left the Herndon Depot in August 1968.

Interesting Places

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Herndon is how its activities are coordinated. Herndon’s department of Parks and Recreation is in charge of the Herndon Community Center, where a comprehensive recreational program that includes swimming facilities and indoor tennis as well as other sports and games runs all through the year.  There are gymnasiums, racquetball courts as well as arts and crafts and child care, so it’s the perfect destination for families. There is hardly a dull moment at the Community Center.

The department also organizes the Herndon Festival and the annual Labor Day Festival that features Virginia’s world renowned wines in tastings and lots of other activities.

There are eleven parks that offer a break away from the busy metropolitan life. A visit to the Sugarland Run Trail is sure to deliver an adventurous experience with nature. It runs through the entire county and can be accessed from some of the neighborhoods. For those who love the outdoors, there are picnic shelters located in three different locations, including Bready Park, Trailside Park and the Runnymede Park, all of which are available for rent.

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