What You May Not Know About Fairfax, VA

Fairfax VA, located in Fairfax City VA, is a census designated location in the County of Fairfax. Yes, those are many mentions of the word “Fairfax” in one sentence. Perhaps it is one of the things that is peculiar about this place. The Fairfax referred to neighbors Fair Oaks, George Mason, Long Branch, Mantua, Merrifield and Oakton. Apparently, it is not near Fairfax Station, as would be the assumption.


The 2010 census indicated that the population was 22,565, and Data USA gives a figure of 23,402 and a median age of 39.3. The median age of the native-born citizens was 37.7, while that of the foreign-born was 42 according to the figures given by Data USA in 2015. The three top origins of foreigners in Fairfax are Korea, Vietnam and Bolivia.


The poverty rate in Fairfax, according to Data USA, was 6.99% by the year 2015, and the median household income was $105,297. Out of the population of 23,402, 12,724 are employed. Additionally, the median property value in Fairfax is $470,300.


The city is named after Thomas Fairfax, who was the 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron. Fairfax is where the first battle for land during the Civil War occurred on the 1st of June, 1861. It was a battle between a scouting party of the Union and the local militia. A similar battle occurred two years later at the same location, but this time, the militia defeated the Union troops.

The area was given the name “Town of Fairfax” in the year 1859, and that became its official name. In 1961, a court order made it an incorporated town.

Historical Buildings

One of the oldest historic buildings is the former Fairfax County Courthouse, which was established in 1742 near what is today called Tyson’s Corner.

Another old building in the city is the Fairfax Public School which was constructed in 1873 for a total cost of $2,750. The building facilitated elementary school education, special education as well as adult education and training for a police academy. In 1992, it became a museum and is now known as the Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center.

There is also an Old Town Hall that was built by Joseph Edward Willard in 1900 who gave it as a gift to the town. This town hall is where the current Huddleston Library and the Fairfax Art League are located.


To learn more about the history of the town, the Civil War Interpretive Center at Historic Blenheim is highly recommended and open for visits. It is a Civil War house museum as well as an open air park. It has a brick farmhouse lying on a 12 acre piece of land. The remarkable features of the center are the over 100 signatures, art, poetry written by the Union soldiers and the “Diary on Walls”, where Civil War soldiers penned their thoughts. An annual Civil War Day is also held at the site.

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