Why Fairfax Station VA Is A City Like No Other

Fairfax station is recognized as a census place and is located in the western side of Fairfax County, Virginia. It borders Burke, Burke Centre and Kings Park West, all in Virginia. It covers an area of 9.2 square miles, where 0.08 square miles of it is water and the rest is land.

The latest information from Data USA shows that it has a population of 11,290 in 2015, and the 2010 census indicated that the population was 12,030. Data USA shows that the median age is 47.2. This suggests that Fairfax Station is home to a large number of ageing residents.


The median household income in Fairfax Station in 2015 was $ 165,250, which was much higher compared with Fairfax VA, which was $105,297. The rate of poverty in Fairfax Station was 0.91%, which is the lowest compared with other cities in Fairfax County. Another indicator of the economic empowerment in Fairfax Station is the fact that the median property value is $646,700. Simply put, one of the unique characteristics of Fairfax Station is its affluence.


There is 94.1% U.S. citizenship in Fairfax Station, which is higher than the National average, which is at 93%. The top three races are Caucasian, Asian and Hispanic, with Black and Multiracial coming in fourth and fifth position respectively. Consequently, the common languages spoken after English are Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese. According to Data USA, Fairfax Station has a relatively high number of native Korean speakers.


The original community that is associated with Fairfax Station is found on the eastern part of the area. To be precise, that is where Ox Road and the Norfolk Southern Railway line meet.


Consistent with the economics of Fairfax Station, the average lifestyle of the residents is higher than the national average.


Interesting places to visit in Fairfax Station include the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum and Caboose. Here, visitors learn the role that Fairfax Station played during the Civil War. They can also discover the Orange and Alexandria railroad, and how they helped in supplying the area as well as supporting the medical evacuation plans that were carried out during that time. One can learn a lot about the history of the Civil War and the significance of railroads in historical times, as well as the story behind the community in Fairfax Station.

Burke Lake is yet another place of interest. There are campsites within the forest, giving adventure lovers the ideal environment to explore nature. The lake itself is also an amazing spot for fishing, and is actually among the popular fishing locations in Virginia. There is also a golf course nearby. Burke Lake is definitely the place to go for a variety of outdoor activities.

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