This Will Make You Fall In Love With The Historic City Of Clifton, VA

More often than not, people dismiss a place because of its size. Well, Clifton, a small city in the southwest of Fairfax County in Virginia, is different because of the amazing experience that it provides. Yes, its size has a lot to do with it – 161 acres, and a small population of 257 people. The median age is Clifton is 49.4 years.


The existence of Clifton goes back to pre-colonial days, so it is an old town. It used to be a hunting ground for one of the Native American tribes called Dogue.  It was called Devereux Station during colonial times because there was a railroad that passed through it that was vital in the Civil War.

Later, its name underwent a makeover in 1868 and was changed to Clifton Station. Later, the word “station” was dropped, leaving its current name – Clifton. It was then incorporated in 1902 by the General Assembly.

A law was passed to prevent Clifton from undergoing the effects of overdevelopment, and this led to one of its most striking characteristics. Its southern as well as eastern regions are heavily forested, and are host to single family homes. As a result, Clifton is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of typical city life.

Interesting Facts

Clifton is home to some of the oldest homes in America, some of which were built as long ago as 1871. It is actually considered a historic destination. Quite different from other historic destinations, Clifton can be said to be a historic zone. It was given the status of a National Historic District in 1985 by the United States Department of Interior. It was a favorite of former US Presidents including Theodore Roosevelt and Rutherford Hayes, Former First Lady Nancy Reagan and other notable leaders.


A lot of people today are fond of Clifton, and not for nothing. There are awesome eat-out joints, restaurants and cafes. At the old Clifton General Store, you will find The Main Street Pub, which serves delicacies, served with amazing attention to detail and taste. The Clifton Café and Trummer’s on Main are great stops for foodies.

The Bull Run Occoquan Trail is an excellent hiking destination with a beautiful and breathtaking stream where you can relax and take in the view. You can go with your family since there is also an educational program for children – Hemlock Overlook Park, operated by Adventure Links.

Clifton is not devoid of wineries – Paradise Springs Winery will charm you with its beauty and fine wines.

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