Facts About The City Of Centreville That Will Interest You

Centreville, Virginia is a place to discover and explore. It is located in Fairfax County and is surrounded by Chantilly, Fair Lakes and Greenbriar.  Its area covers 12.04 square miles, and only 1% of this area is covered with water-the rest is land. Over the years, Centreville has amassed a rich history which has given it a unique story. It is now recognized as a census location even though it was previously too small for this status.


Centreville was previously known as Newgate during the period beginning in 1760s, that is, the colonial period. It was considered to be a “new gate” to the western regions. Later on, its name was changed to Centreville because it was centrally located among other key areas such as Georgetown and Warrenton. It used to be within Loudoun County, but after some boundaries were revised, its location shifted to Fairfax County as it is to this day.

Population and Income

Centreville has a population of 73,660, and the median age is 35.1 years.  In 2014, the median age was 34, which gives an impression that the population is generally growing older. On the other hand, 85.7% of the population is composed of US citizens according to the data published in 2015. The languages that are widely spoken, apart from English, are Korean and Spanish.

There is an average of 24,618 households found in Centreville, and the median income per household grew to $105,278 in 2015.

Attractions and Places To Visit

Centreville is an amazing holiday and event destination. The Bull Run Regional park is perfect for residents and visitors that love the outdoors. Adventure and action lovers may be additionally interested in the Shooting Center that’s in the park.

Virginia is known world over for its amazing wine, and Centreville has not been left out and one winery that draws particular interest can be found at Bull Run.

Centreville is also home to the Old Stone Church, which serves as a historic site for visitors. The church served as a hospital for wounded soldiers of the Union Army who had taken part in the battlefield in Manassas. Their lack of experience in war led to many casualties. The Old Stone Church became a refuge for them and afterwards, in the winter of 1861-1862, the area was converted into a Confederate campground.

Visitors can also stop at the Red Rock Canyon Grill for tailor made meals, whether it’s breakfast or a late evening munch. The Outback Steakhouse, another favorite, is the place to go for steaks and other meaty preparations.

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