Fairfax Tree Trimming

Trees grow, that's a fact. They need to be trimmed from time to time to keep them healthy and looking their best. Genesis Tree Service provides quality and professional tree trimming and pruning services year round.

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Fairfax Tree Removal

Trees can need to be removed for a variety of reasons. They can become diseased, damaged by a storm, or die for other reasons and sometimes they just need removed for aesthetics. We provide professional tree removal.

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Emergency Service

Storms in Fairfax can often be violent. Summer thunderstorms bring strong winds and lightning and in the winter, there's wind combined with snow and ice. When your trees create a problem, you'll need our 24 hour emergency tree removal service.

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Reliable Arborists in Fairfax, Virginia

Hiring a professional tree service to take care of the trees in your Fairfax Virginia yard is always a good idea when you are not a tree expert. While it may seem like simple manual labor, a lot of skill goes into providing proper tree care – something that the average Fairfax homeowner may not have. However, even with the myriad of tree companies out there, it's worth noting the tree service industry has its fair share of fly-by-night crooks, con artists and companies that produce questionable results. Taking the time to ensure you are working with legitimate professionals will go a long way in protecting your interests and ensuring you get value for your money.

Is the tree care company legitimate?

Since you’ve decided to hire expert tree services, you don’t want to fall prey to anyone that just bought a chainsaw and put an ad in the paper claiming to be an expert. Tree work is very dangerous and requires trained, skilled professionals that have the proper safety and rigging gear. As such, request for a copy of the company’s business license just to be sure. More importantly, find out whether the Fairfax VA company has current liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. To avoid getting a fraudulent copy, the insurance certificate should be sent from the tree company’s insurance agency. Note that you may be held liable if you work with a company without proper insurance in case an accident occurs. This will mean paying for repairs to your own Fairfax property and any injuries that resulted from the accident. Keep in mind that a business cannot get business insurance without a business license.

What is the company’s reputation?

With online reviews readily available, there is no excuse to not take the time and find out what kind of reputation a tree company has. Positive online reviews from a variety of reliable sites are a good place to start. If you need further assurance, ask for references, particularly for expensive projects. In addition, find out whether the company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) – a sure indication that the contractor is reliable. While companies that do not belong to the BBB may still offer proper services, find out why they are not members. There may have been a lot of complaints on their record that caused them to be expelled.

What are their prices?

If the tree service prices sound too good to be true, they probably are. While it is natural to want the best bargain, a Fairfax arborist that gives you very low prices may only be doing so because they lack experience, proper certification or insurance, or they only intend to complete a portion of the project. A price that is too high would also be unfair to you. If you are not sure whether a price is too high or too low, you can always ask for estimates from three or more companies and get a sense of what would be reasonable. Remember to always protect yourself by making sure the estimates are in writing. When drawing your comparisons, be sure that the details match up on what is actually being offered. For instance, a tree removal contractor that cuts down a tree in small sections will likely be more expensive than one that just fells the tree. Although felling a tree requires less time and effort, it could cause more damage to your property, which is why that type of service is usually cheaper.

Avoid common scams

As a rule, never pay for tree work until the job is done and you are completely satisfied. There have been many instances of Fairfax VA homeowners paying for a project upfront and then never hearing from the crew again. Since no materials are furnished for performing tree work, a professional should never ask for money upfront. Another common scam seen in Fairfax Virginia comes in the form of door-to-door contractors. This is a risk you should not take, particularly for large projects. Door-to-door contractors are in many cases con artists who travel from town to town and prey on homeowners, particularly seniors. In addition, con-artists often come out in droves following natural disasters or when there is high demand for emergency tree trimming and removal services. Remember the Derecho that tore through Fairfax in 2012? While it may be necessary to hire a tree service that is passing by to get rid of the tree lying on your house, do not pay upfront and make sure the charges are reasonable. Tree work can be done safely, efficiently and at a really good price if done by a well-equipped, experienced and professional tree service provider. Genesis Tree Service is a team of tree care specialists that has made a name for itself by consistently providing professional services to Fairfax VA residents and businesses. Contact us today for your free estimate!